Congressman Leonard Boswell — a Democrat from Des Moines who’s on the House Transportation and Intelligence Committees — says much has been accomplished in the past two years to make the nation’s airports safer. Boswell says tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of “the most tragic attack in our nation’s history.” He says the nation “has shown great resilience and common purpose in our efforts not to let terrorism cut us off from our daily lives.” Boswell, though, is concerned about a report about a man who crawled in a crate and had himself flown from one city to another.Boswell says he’s constantly concerned about containers being shipped by air, and those coming into U.S. sea ports. Boswell recently saw new surveillance devices for cargo containers and he believes vigilance is at an “all time high.” Boswell says people should take precautions, but go on about their business, or the terrorists will win. Boswell says when terrorists are willing to sacrifice their own lives, it’s difficult to guarantee there’ll never be another attack, but he says the U.S. has done a lot since 9/11 to secure the country.