The attempted destruction of another covered bridge in Madison County has economic development officials there asking for the public’s help in watching for trouble. Chris Nolte is the director of the Madison County Chamber and Development group.He says they’ve put out the word that the bridges belong to all of them and the best way to deter further vandalism or arson is for everyone to be aware of the bridges. Someone saw the flames and put out a fire that officials say was intentionally set on the Hogback bridge near Winterset Saturday. Nolte says that type of public involvement can help prevent any future problems. He says he’s encouraging area residents to go out and take a drive and keep their eyes open. The fire at the Hogback bridge came just a few days after the only covered bridge in southeast Iowa’s Keokuk County burned to the ground, and one year after the destruction of another bridge in Madison County. Cops say all three cases are arson. Nolte says keeping a constant guard on the bridges isn’t possible. He says the five bridges in Madison County are in rural areas, so it’s hard to provide 24-7 security, but he says they are looking at some options for additional security. There have been no arrests in any of the three bridge burnings.