Despite a five-game winning streak in the series, the Iowa State Cyclones have the role of underdog heading into Saturday’s matchup with the Iowa Hawkeyes. Oddsmakers have established the Hawks as a slight favorite and Cyclone receiver Lane Danielsen says he is not surprised. Danielson says Iowa has had two good wins so far this year, coming off a great year last year. Danielson says the Cyclones made progress in Saturday’s 48-20 win over Ohio and will need to take another step this week. Danielsen says Iowa’s a great team and the Cyclones need a good week of practice to get ready for the Hawks and need to improve as much this week as they did the week before. Danielsen says the Hawkeye defense is much improved this season. Danielsen says he’s most concerned by Iowa’s front seven. Danielsen says Iowa’s overall team speed seems to have improved. Danielsen says Iowa’s secondary and linebackers “fly to the ball and they make plays.”