Tomorrow’s Iowa-Iowa State football game has been sold out for three months and fans who hope to pick up tickets outside Jack Trice Stadium in Ames may want to think twice. I-S-U athletic ticket manager David Crum expects a blitz of counterfeit tickets for this big game. Crum says the only way to guarantee it’s a legitimate ticket is if it’s purchased through one of the two universities. Otherwise, he says, make sure it’s someone you know and trust. Crum says most people would -not- be able to determine if the ticket they buy from someone on the sidewalk outside the stadium is authentic. Crum says ticket counterfeiters have gotten very sophisticated and are now using computers, scanners and color printers to make virtually perfect fakes. He says many of them will be out at Jack Trice tomorrow, and police won’t be able to intercept all of them. Scalping is -not- illegal but it -is- against the law to sell counterfeit products. People who get into the stadium on a fake ticket will be escorted out as he says officials there -will- be able to determine which tickets are legit and which are bogus.