While the University of Iowa is the top rival of Iowa State University on the football field — I-S-U may adopt a class schedule similar to its counterpart in Iowa City. Professor Arne Hallam is leading a task force to review the university calendar. He says in the late 90s the university shortened the winter break from four weeks to three weeks. Hallam says some people liked the move, but other didn’t. Hallam says the task force has come up with two options, one that would keep the calendar as it is, and one that’s called option “B.” He says it starts the fall semester one week later and starts spring semester one week later, but ends at the same time. Hallam says lengthening the winter break and still getting classes out at the same time will require the classes to expand.He says the classes will add five minutes which will make them a little more intense. He says it will also let them have a January term with some short intense courses. Hallam says the new calendar would put I-S-U students on the same schedule as many other colleges. He says the proposed calendar’s four-week winter break is similar to many other schools, but its staggered class times is unique. Hallam says though the longer class periods are needed to make the plan acceptable.He says a majority students are not in favor of a longer winter break if it makes them get out of classes later in the spring, as that means they have less time to work over the summer. Hallam says the four-week winter break with a January term is very similar to the U-of-I’s schedule. Hallam says I-S-U President Gregory Geoffroy wants to hear more from campus groups, students, staff and faculty before making a final decision in December.