Some Iowa churches held a “Challenge Sunday” yesterday to invite schoolkids in their congregation to organize their own school’s “See You At the Pole” event this week. Pastor David Overstreet with the National Network of Youth Ministries says the event grew from a spontaneous prayer gathering over a decade ago, into a national event.They’re going to gather at the pole and pray for their fellow students, teachers, schools, communities and the government. The gathering day is the third Wednesday in September, and Principal Larry Mitchell at Dubuque Senior High says apparently his students are organizing a gathering. It’s been done there for the last few years, and while he knows there is “some religious connection,” he’s merely been told that the students are organizing it once again this year. The administrations and teachers of the schools don’t plan or organize the events. The gatherings are legal since they’re voluntary and student-led, and take place before the start of the school day Wednesday. For information, background and stories of participating schools, one website is