The University of Northern Iowa says it’s just 41 students over its fall enrollment target of 13-thousand-400 students. U-N-I President Robert Koob says the enrollment target is an effort to be able to maintain the university’s quality in the wake of budget cuts. He says he’s amazed the enrollment committee has been able to hit the target. Koob says the committee was asked to increase enrollment the first few years, and recently was asked to hit the target enrollment. U-N-I made changes to allow students to get the classes they needed to graduate, lowered the number credits needed to graduate, and tightened its suspension policy to meet the enrollment target. Koob says they were worried the perception of the quality of the university would suffer. He says hitting the enrollment goal makes him confident they can still offer a quality education to students. Koob says getting the enrollment under control is a short-term solution, as he says U-N-I still faces many challenges in the wake of the budget cuts.