One-million books go on sale tonight at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. The 43rd annual Planned Parenthood Book Sale is the largest event of its kind in the nation, and spokeswoman Jodie Warth says its fame has spread far beyond the state’s borders.People come from across the country, especially for opening night, and many bring a shopping list and know just which tables they’ll “hit” as soon as the door opens. The first few hours of the book sale tonight are so prized by collectors, organizers charge a ten-dollar admission fee. Many are book dealers looking for something of value to fill their shelves, and buy five, six, seven-hundred dollars worth of books. Others are browsing for entertainment or a gift, or looking for something of sentimental value.She calls them “The Browsers,” who may come to look for something like a special book from their childhood that’s out of print, searching for “treasures.” Warth says the sale features “books that live many lives,” and other items. Puzzles, games, CD’s, art prints, specialty materials for things like sign language, and last year they sold computers but will not do that again. Other items are sold off at an annual rummage sale a different time of year, and the charity’s spring paperback sale has also grown and next year will move to the state fairgrounds, in the Walnut Building. On Saturday afternoon the Book Sale will feature volunteers reading to children. The book sale continues through Sunday September 28th.