Dozens of badly neglected dogs were seized from a Muscatine County farm over the weekend near the town of West Liberty. Chris McGinnis, director of the Muscatine Humane Society, says they’ve taken in 91 dogs, most of which are in very poor condition due to the “deplorable” condition of their kennel area.McGinnis says the odor was terrible as there was much feces in the area and many rodents were running around — plus, the dogs had no water. She was asked if the farm’s owners have been arrested or charged with anything.No charges have been filed as yet since they’re still examining and documenting all of the dogs’ injuries and health problems. McGinnis says the Humane Society has taken in all 91 dogs but there are three that they can’t handle. She hopes the majority of the animals can be cleaned up, nursed back to health and can eventually be adopted out to good homes. McGinnis says most of the dogs are small breeds but there are several large dogs, including six Labradors. They were kept in small cages.