Iowa State University is observing its 18th annual Business Week, an opportunity for students to learn beyond the classroom and network with professionals. Marketing Director Kim Schroeder says the highlight this week will be Wednesday’s Career Day.They’re expecting 135 employers to exhibit at Hilton Coliseum, and 4,000 students usually attend. Schroeder says whether it’s a “down” economy or one with lots of hiring going on, employers come to the career fair to take advantage of the extra edge business students offer. She says the students have real-world experience thanks to speakers and internships they’ve had, and can offer employers an advantage “right from the get-go.” In addition to seminars on resume-writing and job-interview tips, some students will have a very special business etiquette lesson this (Monday) evening. I-S-U assistant to the president, Charles Dobbs, will lead the presentation on things like how to pass the bread and how you eat spaghetti politely when you’re at a business dinner or on an interview. The students already played golf, a lesson in how to make business conversation with bosses and clients for four hours on the green.