E-mail messages sent to some Iowans are asking them to confirm their credit information, including social security numbers and account numbers, but police say it’s a scam. Mike Wolf is Clinton County Attorney and says the phony request includes an attention-getting introduction aimed at tricking people into a responseThe message claims a customer’s credit card has been charged 264-dollars, and if that’s a mistake they ask the card-holder to e-mail back not only the credit-card number but also the expiration date, claiming they need that to correct it. Wolf, the county’s top prosecutor, says there’s no way a legitimate request would be sent by e-mail. He says don’t give out those numbers to any unsolicited e-mailer, he warns. Credit card companies already have your number and expiration date, so they’d never ask for it, he says. Wolf is concerned about what the questioners may do if they get credit card numbers from unsuspecting victims. Wolf says if people forward the scam e-mails to his office they can put the state crime lab on it to try and track the senders and arrest them.