The Iowa Donor Network is celebrating the milestone of hitting 20-thousand registered residents in the state. Spokesman Paul Sodders says signing up with the donor registry is important. He says it’s a legal consent to donate your organs when you die. Sodders says Iowa is a leader with its registry.He says Iowa is only the seventh state in the U.S. to have a registry, and they weren’t sure what to expect. Sodders says signing up with the registry is important to be sure that your wish to donate your organs is carried out.He says marking the yes on your driver’s license that you want to donate your organs isn’t enough. He says your driver’s license often can’t be found after an accident. Sodders says the effort to sign up donors won’t stop.He says 20-thousand is a great number, but he says it only represents about one-percent of Iowa’s population. He says many people don’t even realize they can sign up their kids onto the donor registry. He says they hope they can continue getting out the word and sign up more people. Sodders says you can register on-line at the network’s website. The address is, or Sodders says you can go to any library and they will let you to use the Internet for free to sign up. Sodders says there are more than 350 Iowans currently on a waiting list for a donated organ.