An overabundance of deer in Iowa is a problem for some — but a business bonanza for others. Small-town Iowa meat lockers saw their customers pulled away by the advent of the large chain grocery stores and retail superstores. But a resurgence in the deer population in Iowa has opened up a new niche market for the lockers. Jess Klatt works with his family at the Granger Country Market He says it’s a big part of their business, as it keeps them going through five months of the year that would normally be slow. Klatt says business is so good during the deer season, customers have to wait to get a taste of their venison. He says it could take you three to four months to get the processed product back. He says it only takes a half hour or so to process the animal — but they’ve been custom processing over three-thousand deer each year. Klatt says it’s been a great story for local lockers all over the state. He’s even ready to get into deer hunting himself. He says he’s starting to get into bow hunting. Klatt says custom jobs and personalized service are a few of the things local lockers have used to stay in business in the wake of the mass-produced products sold at the chain stores.