Some former all-american athletes gathered at the Iowa Statehouse today to kick off the “All-American Vote” initiative to get young people to register to vote. Ben Bruns is a Denver, Iowa native who was an all-american lineman for Iowa State University told students why he thinks voting is important.He says they have the opportunity to change what they see as right or wrong with our government and putting in people who can make the changes they want. Bruns says the students can take it a step further. He says if you don’t like the decisions being made, you have the right and the freedom to run for office and be the person to make changes. Des Moines native Natasha Kasier-Brown was an all-american and Olympian in track. She told the students they have to take advantage of their numbers by voting.She told the students their values, opinions and beliefs are important, and the way to express their voice on the issues is by voting. West Branch native and former Iowa all-american tight end Marv Cook told a story about reaching the pro bowl in the N-F-L. Cook said after he got back he thought his accomplishments were pretty special until he ran into a man who didn’t even know who he was. He says that taught him a lesson about how fame and fortune are not the most important things in the world. Cook says when you get right down to it, character is the thing that truly defines what you are. Cook says character is your name, and he asked the students to show their character by putting down their names to register to vote. The students were treated to an all-american meal of hot dogs and potato chips after hearing from the athletes.