Iowa’s Governor is asking the state’s citizens to tout Iowa’s business climate. Governor Tom Vilsack says with top-rankings in education, health care and business development, Iowans need to shed their “inferiority complex” and start bragging more about Iowa. Vilsack says if Iowa is to realize its potential, it is necessary for each Iowan to “sell” the state as a great place to live and work.The state has set aside million to market Iowa to the rest of the country with advertising and business meetings, but Vilsack says the person-to-person marketing Iowans can do with e-mail, letters and phone calls to out-of-state friends and relatives is just as important. Vilsack says we have got to start aggressively marketing the state. Vilsack spoke this morning to over a thousand economic development officials, bankers and entrepreneurs attending the Iowa Venture Capital Conference in Des Moines. Vilsack says everyone in the room had a responsibility to be marketers of the state of Iowa.