Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack is defending his appearance on behalf of California Governor Gray Davis in the face of Republican complaints that Davis is anti-ethanol. Davis has tried to block ethanol’s introduction in California, and Vilsack appeared on Friday at a rally for Davis. Vilsack says Davis is no longer trying to thwart ethanol’s use in California, but is concerned about whether ethanol producers can make enough of the product to replace the competing fuel additive — M-T-B-E — which is used in California. Vilsack says that’s a “legitimate concern” but he and others have sought to assure California leaders that the ethanol industry is up to the task. Vilsack says ethanol producers shouldn’t be confused by his appearance on behalf of Davis. Vilsack says he went to Washington to meet with E-P-A officials and ask them to reject the waiver California requests that would let ethanol’s competitor remain in California fuel. Vilsack says his appearance in California is part of “creating relationships” that allow him to continue advocating for ethanol use in California and every other state.Vilsack opposed the recall process Californians used this week to oust their governor, but he supports the idea of changing Iowa law to institute a form of the referenda process that some argue has crippled California’s state government. Vilsack has advocated a process that would let Iowans vote on whether state taxes should be increased. Vilsack says it gives Iowans the power to decide how much they’re willing to spend on government. He says the process would be similar to what’s already being done through bond referendums in cities and counties which give voters the opportunity to vote for or against hikes in their property taxes, or an increase in the local sales tax. Vilsack says the move to give Iowans veto power over state income and sales tax increases is not necessarily a commitment to the entire initiative and referendum process.