Was a Scott County man trying to “work” his foot fetish, or was he harassing a woman? The Iowa Supreme Court has issued its opinion on the case.A jury convicted Hubert Evans of harassment in connection with an incident that happened over two years ago. Evans reportedly approached a woman in a Wal-Mart parking lot and struck up a conversation about her shoes. When she removed one of her shoes to give Evans a closer look, the woman says he knelt down and tried to grab her foot. She quickly pulled away, slipped her shoe back on and jumped in her car. She says Evans said her feet were beautiful and he just wanted to look at them. Later, he pulled his car up next to hers, smiled and waved. His attorneys says Evans did not intend to threaten, intimidate or alarm the woman. Evans says he has a specific interest in women’s feet and is a published photographer of female feet. He claims a First Amendment right to examine and photograph women’s feet, because he’s a photographer. The Iowa Supreme Court rejected those arguments, and ruled the jury’s harassment verdict was reasonable. Mr. Evans, by the way, has three other criminal convictions, including one for harassment.