Police in a Des Moines suburb say a drug arrest led them to a meth lab in the city, and the investigation is far from done. Lieutenant Doug Hobart says it began with a traffic stop Tuesday. When they were first arrested, he says police saw signs of drugs and “precursors” in their possession so MINE — “Mid-Iowa Narcotics Task Force” was called in, got a search warrant and found the meth lab. The drug-making operation was in the detached garage of a suburban home, at 3313 — 71st Street in Urbandale. He says it looked like it had been there a while, he says, as equipment had been used and there was quite a bit of the leftovers from making meth and some of the “finished product,” though they don’t know yet just how long it was in use. The Lieutenant says a meth lab is a dangerous thing to have in a neighborhood. As a matter of fact, he says they evacuated a couple of homes when they took out some of the chemicals, like the dangerous anhydrous ammonia and the ether that’s a risk for fire and explosion. And a day after the arrests and the seizure of drugs from the residential garage, Officer Hobart says a 26-year-old man who lived at the same house was arrested, and charged with arson. He tried to set fire to the garage, though nothing was left in it, and he told police he was high on meth at the time and angry that cops had found the lab. Police filed a long list of felony charges including making and selling meth against 40-year-old Schuyler Haines and 36-year-old Steven Boeckholt of Pleasant Hill. Also charged with possession were two 18-year-old girls who were with the men when their car was stopped.