Tom Davis knows it will take a lot of work to turn the Drake basketball program around but as preseason practice gets set to begin, Davis says this baseball season gives hope to a program that has not enjoyed a winning season since 1986. He says “if it’s possible for the Cubs and the Red Sox to make the World Series, it’s possible for Drake basketball to get this thing going here.”Davis says the first element in that process is hard work. Eight walk-ons join 13 scholarship players and the new Drake coach says no position is safe and who gets a uniform may change from one game to the next. He says he’s going to pick seven or eight or nine guys who’ll play and the assistant coaches will pick the rest based on how hard they work on the court and in the classroom. Davis says the first thing players have learned about his style of is that it is not easy to play. He says they all think they want to run, but he says if you fast break, you have to run every time, otherwise, you run over to the bench. Davis got an early peek at his team during a Labor Day weekend trip to Mexico in which the Bulldogs posted a 3-0 record.