Today marks one year since the bodies of 11 illegal immigrants were found in a railcar in the western Iowa town of Denison. The victims, seven men and four women, were from Mexico and several other nations in Central and South America. Crawford County Sheriff Tom Hogan says the discovery of the bodies was a huge shock for area residents. The bodies had been in the railcar several months and autopsies determined they died of dehydration in the extreme heat as the car was moved around from the southern U.S., eventually stopping in Iowa for cleaning. Sheriff Hogan says the incident put Denison on the global map. He says it was the first time he was aware of that they had the national attention focused on them and he says it was difficult to deal with all the media. Hogan says the incident was the most widely-investigated case he’s ever been connected with in his years in law enforcement.Authorities say two suspects are jailed in connection with the railcar deaths and two more suspects are still at large, likely in Mexico.