After igniting fears of a stalker on-campus last month, an Iowa State University student is now jailed in Ames on charges she dreamed up the whole story. 18-year-old Christine Williams was arrested late Tuesday on harassment charges and for filing a false report. I-S-U Police Captain Gene Deisinger says Williams claimed she’d been stalked for months and was getting harassing e-mail.Captain Deisinger says “Miss Williams herself was sending the messages, representing herself as a stalker and had made the entire thing up. We’ve been able to verify that the persons she identified as being involved in harassing her do not, in fact, exist.” Deisinger says Williams’ reports had shaken up students on campus and their parents. Deisinger says the community became concerned about safety issues “for no good reason.” In addition to wasting the time and energy of law enforcement officials, Deisinger says there could be other negative repercussions from the Williams situation. He fears real victims may hesitate coming forward for fear they won’t be taken seriously. Williams, a native of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, is a freshman at I-S-U, studying Health and Human Performance. She’s in the Ames Jail on a 650-dollar bond. If convicted, she could face up to 500-dollars in fines and up to 30 days in jail.