A Swedish musical group’s touring Iowa this week, and performed in Stratford last night. “Stockholm Live” concert manager Gunnar Helgesson says they came after an Iowa woman contacted Stockholm’s Royal College of Music.She wondered if a group could come to Iowa; jazz, folk and classic musicians to present “music from a Swedish angle” to Iowans with a Swedish background. There IS a big Swedish-American population in north-central Iowa. One of the group’s sponsors is the “Iowa Sister States” program, and the sponsorship requires them to tour and perform in smaller communities, one reason the group came to Stratford. This is Helgeson’s first trip to America and he says he’s enjoying it. He thought it would be flat, but the rolling landscape around Stanton was lovely to the musicians and felt like home, similar to the part of Sweden he comes from. This is the group’s first visit to the U.S. They were called together over the summer, started meeting in August and September, and rehearsed together to prepare for this concert tour. The musicians played in Stratford earlier this week, perform in Des Moines tonight (Thursday), and Saturday will play in Swedesburg, in southeast Iowa near Mount Pleasant