Iowa Congressman Jim Nussle — the Republican who heads the House Budget Committee — says lawmakers examining federal spending have uncovered billions in “waste, fraud and abuse. Nussle says every committee in the House has combed through portions of the federal budget the past two months and found about 100-billion dollars of waste, fraud or abuse that should be evaluated. Nussle says this is not the time to be wasting money in any part of government, whether it be in the defense department or the food stamp program. Nussle says there’s a nine percent error rate in the food stamp program, and he says that’s inappropriate when there are people going hungry every day who could benefit from that ill-gotten or wasted government charity.Nussle says there may be ways to clean up some of the waste they’ve found by amending bills that are making their way through the House now. In other instances where it’s technically or politically difficult, the changes will have to be made by individual House committees, according to Nussle.