After getting national publicity, a northwest Iowa town says a boy with muscular dystrophy will be allowed to use his motorized wheelchair on city streets. Police first threatened to fine 14-year-old Bryce Wiley of Laurens for breaking the law by using his wheelchair on the street, but reached a compromise. Wiley agreed to be “responsible” and stay near the curb with his chair. He’ll also have to get a headlight and reflectors if he’ll be out at night. Debi Scharf, of Altoona, is Ms. Wheelchair Iowa and says it’s clear, state law needs to be changed to permit wheelchairs complete access. Scharf, who was paralyzed in a car crash ten years ago, says “I think it’s ridiculous that we even have to talk about this because people with disabilities should have a right to go anywhere a person who can walk can go.”Scharf says she didn’t know about the “infuriating” state law until this week and didn’t realize she’d been breaking the law almost daily. She enjoys taking her motorized wheelchair or “scooter” out when she spends time outside with her kids.State law says motorized scooters, electrified bicycles and other types of personal transport vehicles are banned from streets and sidewalks for safety reasons, but it doesn’t specify wheelchairs. Officials from the D-O-T to the Governor say that law needs clarification. A statement from Governor Vilsack’s office reads: “This should not be happening in Iowa. We should not be pitting a local law enforcement officer who is simply trying to do his job against a young man who is simply trying to move about his community. The law that restricts operation of electric personal mobility devices by children simply needs to be clarified to exclude wheelchairs.”