Iowa State University researchers are entering the ice age to solve some modern day technological problems. Computer engineering professor Doug Jacobson is leading the team that’s creating a computer lab called the Internet-Scale Event and Attack Generation Environment or ISEAGE. He says the lab will recreate the internet so they can carry out attacks as if the attacks were taking place on the real internet. He says it will allow them to look at defense mechanisms used to thwart the attacks. Jacobson says the prototype for the project is being funded by a 500-thousand dollar grant from the U-S Justice Department. He says the internet is being used more and more to carry out crime and is more and more a victim of crime. Jacobson says they’re just getting the process underway. He says the Justice Department money will allow them to build a small version to show that it works, and they’re still seeking funding to move the project ahead. He says it’ll take a couple of years to get things underway.He says they hope to have the prototype up and running by the middle of next year and the whole project running by mid 2005. This is the first such project in the country.