The two factions sparring for control of the Meskwaki settlement in Tama are debating control of the tribe’s money today. Despite protests from followers of Alex walker, Junior, the Bureau of Indian Affairs says by the rules his own ruling council agreed to before the election, this month’s vote fairly elected Homer Bear Junior and two other council members who align with him. The same election served as a recall for four other council members, and after another vote is held to fill their seats, a full tribal council’s expected to be seated November sixth. Alex Walker’s group was furious at discovering this week the newly-elected faction ordered banks with Meskwaki money to freeze the accounts. The lame-duck council protests that paychecks may bounce and it’s premature to sever their control of the money, the Homer Bear group cites heavy spending of the money on lawyers during the year-long battle for control of the tribal government. Once a full council’s seated and regulators let the Meskwaki Casino reopen the accounts will begin to refill, with as much as 100-million dollars a year in profits.