Congressman Steve King used today’s scare in his House office building to play a prank on his chief of staff. As you may have heard, a man got through security in the Canon Office Building earlier today with a back pack that had a pistol which was later identified as a toy gun.King says “the timing of it was perfect” because King had purchased a plastic toy pistol at a gun show in Iowa several weeks ago. The barrel of King’s toy gun aims backwards and is labeled a “Norwegian pistol.” King’s chief of staff is Norwegian and King had the toy gun in his bag — as police officers in the building were searching for the young man who’d run from the security check point with a back pack. King called a staff meeting, put his bag on the table and asked his chief of staff to search the bag. When the gun was found, King presented the “Norwegian” toy pistol to his staffer. Officials in Washington say the gun that set off the scare there was a toy that was part of a Halloween costume.