A real estate agent from the Quad Cities who’s twice before run for Congress plans to challenge Republican Congressman Jim Nussle next November. Sixty-one-year-old Bill Gluba of Davenport is a democrat who served in the Iowa Legislature in the early ’70s. In 1976, he was elected to the Scott County Board of Supervisors — the only democrat to win a seat on the board that year. Gluba says he’s decided to run against Nussle because he seems to “be in the pocket” of big business. Gluba says the “right wing cabal” that runs the Republican party wants to turn the clock back to a time when people were basically peasants, working for a few rich people. Gluba says that’s why he’s running, to help create jobs and ensure justice. Gluba ran against Congressman Jim Leach in 1982 and again in 1988. Gluba says Leach was pretty tough to beat, but Gluba says he can “beat this Nussle guy” because people are fed up with the economy and the way things are going in the country. Gluba says the challenge will be gathering enough money to put on an effective campaign against Nussle.