More than a half-million Iowans are finding pleas in their power bills this month to send still more of their money to the state’s largest utility. It’s not to help the needy pay their bills, but to invest in the state’s energy future, according to MidAmerican Energy spokesman Allan Urlis. Urlis says the “Renewable Advantage” is a voluntary program. Starting January 1st, customers will have the opportunity to donate money that will go toward building new renewable energy facilities in the state. Fliers in MidAmerican bills say the program will “rely on customers who want to help establish Iowa as a leader in renewable energy production.” He says the program was created as a requirement of the Iowa Utilities Board.The minimum donation is one-dollar, though the flier suggests residential customers donate money every month in increments of two-fifty, five or ten dollars. It’s unclear exactly what customers who invest in the program will get out of it, other than, as Urlis says, “piece of mind” for working toward the future. Urlis was unsure whether it will be tax deductible. He says “You’re becoming a partner in helping secure the state’s energy future.” For more information, call 888-427-5632.