A Des Moines man’s jailed in Omaha after police sent a tip to their counterparts across the Missouri river that he was wanted in an arrest warrant. Omaha police Officer David Volenec says they were alerted that 22-year-old Bert Knapp might be in town. Knapp’s wanted in connection with an attempted murder. Omaha police got the call Wednesday and had a special task force on call to handle cases like this. Omaha police got a call from Des Moines police that Knapp was at a house in Omaha, and the local fugitive task force went there, found and arrested him. The office couldn’t say whether formal charges have been filed yet.Normally, police had to get a warrant before alerting the other agency, and then the authorities ask their counterparts in Omaha to act on that warrant and take their suspect into custody. The 22-year-old Knapp is accused of pouring nail polish remover on his girlfriend and lighting her on fire in Des Moines.