Bird watchers are gathered in the eastern Iowa town of Lansing this weekend for the second annual “Rivers and Bluffs Fall Birding Festival.” Organizer Ric Zarwell says they moved the festival back a week this year. She says they’re timing the festival to get an enormous number of tundra swans, ducks and geese. The festival includes educational programs and multi-state field trips via boat. He says that includes field trips to Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the best viewing area there is for tundra swans south of Lansing. Zarwell says there’s one purpose for the festival. He says they want to introduce people to nature through birds. He says they have a large variety of birds. Zarwell says the spots for the festival filled up quickly. He says people are coming from 60 cities and seven states, as well as Canada. You can check on next year’s festival by visiting and following the links to the festival.