Earlier today, Congressman Tom Latham met with the president of Syria as part of a Congressional mission to the Mideast. Latham says we have real problems with Syria because they harbor terrorists. Latham says that has to stop, and there must be “moderation” in the Mideast. Latham is on his way to a U.S. airforce base in Germany now where he will visit with troops who’ve been injured in Iraq and are being treated at the base hospital. Germany is the final stop for Latham and other members of the House Appropriations Committee who traveled in Iraq over the weekend.Latham says the trip has been an incredible experience and gave him an opportunity to get a better understanding of the situation. Latham says we’ve got a huge investment of lives and dollars in Iraq, and the trip was meant to find out how taxdollars are being spent. Latham, a republican from Alexander, was first elected to Congress in 1994.