A northwest Iowa woman faces a maximum of 50 years in jail and a minimum of 17 and-a-half years after agreeing to a plea bargain Monday in the death of her son. 35-year-old Lisa Green of Remsen was accused of first-degree murder and kidnapping for helping her then husband Donald in abusing and killing their 10-year-old son Timothy. Green made the plea in Plymouth County court. Judge Duane Hoffmeyer questioned Green as she admitted to four charges including attempted murder, child endangerment, voluntary manslaughter and willful injury. The judge asked,”Did you on or about February 23, 2000, participate, advise or encourage Donald Boss, Knowing of his temper and rage, and that there was going to be physical punishment imposed upon Timothy Boss. Did you turn Timothy Boss over to Donald Boss?” He then asked, “Was Timothy injured as a result of that, to the extent that he was in peril of death? And that you did not seek medical help for him that would’ve saved his life? And did you help in concealing this condition?” Green answered, “Yes your honor.” Green will be sentenced December 8th. Her ex-husband, 39-year-old Donald Boss, is serving a life sentence after being convicted of first-degree murder. The former Lisa Boss divorced Donald Boss while in jail and married another Plymouth County inmate last week.