Aplington-Parkersburg returns to the football field on Monday with an appearance in the class 2A semifinals but the Falcons will be featured nationally this weekend. E-S-P-N has been in Parkersburg the last couple of days taping a segment for Sunday’s NFL Countdown show which will profile the school that has produced four current NFL players. Anchor Kenny Mayne will host the segment. He says it will be a nice tribute and they’re going to have fun with the story in a comical way. Casey Wiegmann, Brad Meester, Jared DeVries and Aaron Kampmann played for the Falcons and Mayne says it will be a light-hearted look at how the area spawned so many NFL players. He says they’re doing a take off of the real story, that includes kindergarteners who need to know how to do a seven-on-seven drill.Mayne says the segment will likely air in the 11 0’clock hour. He says Andrea Kramer came up with the idea after hearing about the population of the towns producing four players. He says if you did the math for New York on the same scale, he says there’d be about 150-thousand players coming out of the city.Mayne says everyone in town is having fun with it. He says they show the whole town, including the barber and Mrs. Johnson from Johnson Plumbing and Supply.The Falcons will need to get serious Monday morning when they play top ranked Solon in the 2A semifinals in the UNI-Dome.