Seventy-five-hundred Iowa Democrats will gather in Des Moines tomorrow night for the Democratic party’s Jefferson-Jackson Day event which will feature at six of the candidates who’re seeking their party’s presidential nomination — and one prominent Democrat who insists she’s not. Former First Lady Hillary Clinton will serve as emcee for the event, prompting some to complain she’ll overshadow the candidates. One of those candidates, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, says he’s not worried. Kerry says he welcomes Hillary, and he calls Clinton — who is now a New York Senator — a great asset to the party. Kerry says her appearance will help draw attention to the presidential race and other candidates who may object to her appearance are reading it “completely backward.” Kerry fired his campaign manager on Monday, and that must be on his mind because when a reporter asked him about tomorrow’s event, Kerry brought up his own campaign’s turmoil on his own. Kerry says nobody in Iowa is worried about who might or might not be managing his campaign. Kerry says Iowans are worried about their own jobs and health care and whether there’s a candidate who will fight corporate interests who are “denying them things they think they deserve.” Kerry says he’ll fight for every vote and fight for the American people. He says Democrats will listen carefully tomorrow and “respond to something that’s real because this is reality check time” with about two months left before the Iowa Caucuses.