The Iowa Democratic Party raised about 300-thousand dollars from its Saturday night fundraiser which served as a measuring ground for the presidential candidates who’re wooing Iowans for support in the January 19th Caucuses. As her husband did in Iowa in September, former First Lady Hillary Clinton used her appearance to praise the field of presidential candidates. She said the party pep rally was a cross between a religious revival and a World Wrestling Federation event.”We’re enthusiastic and excited tonight because we have great candidates,” Clinton said. The campaigns of Howard Dean, John Kerry and John Edwards pulled out all the stops in getting supporters to the event. Dick Gephardt’s appearance was in stark contrast. He had fewer supporters in the hall and gave a speech that closed with a much-repeated line,”Like father, like son. Four years and another Bush is done,” Gephardt said. The candidates saved most of their verbal venom for President Bush rather than fire at one another. North Carolina Senator John Edwards said Americans are “hungry” for an alternative to Bush. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry said Bush has no plan for peace in Iraq.Kerry said if Bush wants to make the 2004 election about national security, then Bush can — in Kerry’s words — “Bring it on.” Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean had the most supporters at the event, and closed by spinning around, pointing at every corner of the hall and shouting a single phrase. “You have the power,” Dean kept repeating as the Beatles song “Revolution” played.