Governor Tom Vilsack says it’s time to look at a tax increase. Vilsack says the state budget’s been cut so dramatically, it’s time to look at “the revenue side of things.” That means taxes. Vilsack says Iowa is one of just five states that haven’t raised taxes in the past few years. Iowa has actually cut taxes. Vilsack acknowledges Republican legislators are reluctant to consider tax increases. Vilsack says it’s time to look at the total picture and put everything on the table. Vilsack, however, isn’t offering specific tax proposals today. Vilsack says when he travels across the country, promoting Iowa and talking with business leaders, they don’t ask about the state’s tax structure. Vilsack says they ask him how well Iowa kids are doing and how good Iowa schools are. Vilsack spoke this morning in Ames at a conference for early childhood educators and advocates. Vilsack says state budget cuts in the area of childhood services are one reason it’s time to consider the revenue side of things — a tax increase. Vilsack says the state has to find the resources to make sure no child is left behind. Vilsack says “we have too many children in poverty, too many children not accessing nutritious food, too many children who are homeless, too many children who need quality child care.” On the separate issue of his travel expenses, Vilsack says his travel is reaping rewards for the state. Vilsack says he’s increased the number of business prospects for Iowa from 60 to 240. Vilsack says as head of the Democratic Governors Association, he is “absolutely” going to be doing political trips because “that’s the nature of the game.” He says it’s also an opportunity to sell Iowa, and he says he wont apologize for taking every opportunity to sell the state. Vilsack says he will “make sure taxpayers aren’t paying for it” and he says “they’re not.”