It’s said Iowa’s the only state where you might run your air conditioner and your furnace within a 24-hour period. That might happen this week as unseasonably warm temperatures are followed with the chance for heavy snow. National Weather Service meteorologist Frank Boksa says much of Iowa will be very warm for the short-term.Boksa says the forecast calls for much of Iowa to be in the 50s and 60s for highs today while Thursday may see some highs in the 70s. Then, he says, reality will hit, with a cold front moving in on Friday and what could be a major snowstorm by the weekend, according to a few forecast models. Boksa says we could see six to ten inches of snow, if the models verify. He says it’s more likely Iowans will have rain changing to snow with little significant accumulation. Of the five forecasting models the weather service uses, Boksa says one or two of them indicate the chance of a major snow event, but he says it’ll be a few days before a better picture materializes.