Omaha police and the Nebraska State Patrol think they’ve solved the death of a Council Bluffs woman. Last July, 34-year-old Michelle Fergus was riding in a van on the Omaha freeway when it passed under a bridge and a concrete block apparently dropped from above smashed through the van’s windshield, hitting her in the head. Douglas County Attorney Stu Dornan says Omaha police arrested Dan Bierman, who he says is 17 or 18 years old. Dornan says there’s an arrest warrant out for another 17-year-old, Eric Warbelton, and both will be charged with manslaughter. Dornan says the patrol and police worked with witnesses to solve the four month old case. A number of youngsters were on the bridge that night, he says, and they talked with officers who also followed other tips that led them to get arrest warrants for the two 17-year-olds. Dornan says he wants both tried as adults in the incident. Fergus died at an Omaha hospital after the incident.