Many of you might have bottles in your medicine cabinets or first aid kits that can be used if poison is swallowed to induce vomiting — but some experts say those bottles should be tossed out. Iowa Statewide Poison Control Center spokeswoman and registered nurse Tammy Noble says syrup of ipecac is no longer considered the best immediate remedy for poisonings.The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends people throw out the ipecac but the Sioux City-based state poison center hasn’t made a call as the F-D-A is still considering withdrawing ipecac from “over the counter” status so people won’t have access to it at all. Noble says ipecac had long been considered the first form of first aid to render to people who’ve swallowed certain types of poison.Noble says the syrup of ipecac that’s sold to consumers usually takes about 20 minutes before it starts working to induce vomiting, which allows some poison to get into the bloodstream. She says it’s also not always effective in inducing enough vomiting to be useful.Sometimes only between ten and 40-percent of the poison is removed from the stomach by vomiting. She says other more effective remedies are available at the hospital, like activated charcoal which can help absorb poison in the stomach instead of bringing it up. For questions or concerns, the Poison Control Center hotline is: 800-222-1222.