A spokesman for the Iowa National Guard has confirmed reports that one guardmember died in an attack in Iraq Saturday, and also says another Iowan was injured in the same attack. Colonel Robert King says 22-year-old Specialist Aaron Sissel of Tipton died in the attack on a truck convoy. He says Sissel was in one of the cargo trucks that was attacked about 180 wet of Baghdad. He was immediately evacuated to a field hospital after the attack and died of his injuries there. King says Sissel was a member of the 21-33rd Transportation Company in Centerville. He says he enlisted while he was in high school in 1988 and his assignment was a motor vehicle transport operator. Sissel is survived by his mother, father and stepmother and a sister, all who live in Tipton. King says Sissel’s body will be sent back to Tipton, and funeral arrangements will be announced as soon as they’ve been put together. Another Iowan was also involved in the attack that killed Sissel and another soldier. He says 24-year-old Joe Gottschalk of Tipton also sustained injuries in the attack and was transported to a hospital in Germany. King does not know Gottschalk’s condition. Sissel’s family released a statement that King read today. The statement says:”Aaron, nicknamed George, died doing what he loved and believed in. We are proud of him. We extend our deepest sympathies to the family of the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment soldier that died along side Aaron in Iraq. We also ask your continued prayers for Specialist Joe Gottschalk and his family.” Sissel is the fourth Iowa Guard soldier to die in November. King says “He was a good soldier that came to drill, did his job, volunteered to do what he did for his country. He is a big loss, they all are a big loss.