Money’s apparently missing from the treasury of a peace officers’ union in Iowa, the State Police Officers Council. Eric Woolson has been hired by the Association to be its spokesman and he says the U.S. attorney’s office has been asked to investigate. Woolson says it looks like about $12,000 has been taken. Woolson says the council hopes an audit sheds more light on where the money went. Woolson says the State Police Officers Council has about 660 members, including State Troopers, Fish and Game Conservation Officers, workers in the state Fire Marshall’s office, Gaming Enforcement Officers, Department of Public Safety special agents, and state park rangers. Woolson says there were members of the state police officers council who had concerns about the union’s accounting and began looking into it, and then went to authorities and are working with the US Attorney’s office. Troy Hildreth, president of the union, says they’ll provide info until the case is resolved and an audit uncovers what happened.