Iowa Congressman Steve King is seriously considering the idea of running for Governor in 2006. King is serving his first term in Congress after serving in the Iowa Senate. King says he spent six years steeped in state policy and he says he loves this state and the people in it. King says he could lay out an agenda for the next Republican candidate for governor to run on. King says he’ll “always be looking at those kind of opportunities” because he wants “to have a voice in state policy” to make the state “competitive again.” King represents a 32-county western Iowa district, but he has been giving speeches in eastern Iowa. King says it’s a move to expand his political influence and not necessarily a signal he’s running for Governor. King says he’ll make a decision on the Governor’s race about this time next year. King made his comments during taping of the Iowa Public Television program “Iowa Press” which will air at 7:30 this evening.