The holiday shopping frenzy is in full force as Iowa parents search for special toys for their kids. Officials at Prevent Blindness Iowa want to make sure parents are buying toys that are not a threat to a child’s eyes. The group’s executive director, Jeanne Burmeister, says some toys are simply not safe. Burmeister says there are a number of things you can look for when buying a toy to make sure it’s not a threat to a child’s eyesight, for example, make sure there are no sharp edges or broken pieces that can wind up poking your child in the eye. Also, any toy with a projectile, like a toy gun, needs to be looked at carefully before it is given to your child. Burmeister says every year some toys are recalled because of danger concerns, and it is easy to find out if your child’s toy has been recalled. For more safety tips on toy safety, you can look them up on-line at Prevent Blindness Iowa’s website,, or you can call 800-329-8782.