One of the democrats running for president is a critic of seeds most Iowa farmers have readily accepted and planted in their fields. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich opposes genetically-modified foods, and that includes what’s at the start of the food chain — the seeds. Kucinich says American farmers, without the aid of genetically-modified crops, were able to make a living, but now the presence of genetically-modified crops means U-S agricultural products can’t reach many European markets. Kucinich says there’s a crisis in agriculture because he says seed companies have sold farmers on biotech that Kucinich says has been “untested.” The companies say there’s nothing wrong with so-called G-M-O crops, and Iowa native Norman Borlaugh, a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his crop research, says to feed the world farmers must use the higher-yielding G-M-O crops. Kucinich disputes those assertions, and he says it’s not the farmers who should bear the risks associated with G-M-O corn and beans. Kucinich says farmers should be paid by the companies that sold them the seeds because the companies should be liable for any problem in selling the crop, not the farmers. Kucinich, who is a vegetarian, supports food labels that would reveal whether food is “genetically-engineered.” Kucinich says “if we are what we eat, we ought to be wise as to what’s in our food so we know what we’re to become.” Kucinich says consumers have a right to know how their food is made and what’s in their food.