A Remsen woman is ordered to serve 50 years in prison for the death of her ten-year-old son. 35-year-old Lisa Green, formerly Lisa Boss, was sentenced today in Plymouth County District Court for her convictions of attempted murder, willful injury, child endangerment and voluntary manslaughter. Her adopted son, Timothy, died in February of 2000 after being beaten. Before sentencing, Green said her ex-husband, Donald Boss, was violent and abusive. She told the judge, “Tom had pushed me down, he was stomping on my head with his work boots on and Timothy brought me a wash cloth to wipe away the blood.” Green says her son told her when he grew up he wanted to be a police officer so he could make his father go away, so his father wouldn’t harm any of them any more. There are no court records which indicate Donald Boss was ever charged with domestic abuse. Green claimed she didn’t kill Timothy. She said,”I didn’t save my child, I didn’t protect him. However your honor, I didn’t hurt my son, and I didn’t kill my son. I love him, I love all my children.” Judge Duane Hoffmeyer told Green the greater victim was her son. He said while Green implied she was a victim, it was her actions under the aiding and the abetting theory that led to the death of her son and the sentence is appropriate.Before being led away, Green reached into the gallery and talked to her oldest daughter, 17-year-old Amanda, the only family member present. Donald Boss is serving a life term for murder. He was convicted a year ago.