About a month ago, a computer was stolen from an office in the northern California town of Concord. The computer contained the names, addresses and financial information of about 270 thousand Wells Fargo customers…apparently including some in Nebraska. The computer has been found, and Lieutenant Gary Norvell of the Concord police department says they have a suspect in jail. Norvell says they got the computers, disks and everything and learned from the suspect that he had no idea what was on those computers, hadn’t seen any news…and he says the suspect was sitting on a “motherlode” and didn’t know it. Wells Fargo spokesman Allejandro Hernandez, in Des Moines, says it turns out none of the personal data was misused, but the bank’s still doing things to prevent trouble for its customers. Those include things like change account numbers for all the customers affected, monitoring all their Wells Fargo accounts for any unusual activity and employing private credit-monitoring service to tell customers of any credit activity and let them request credit reports. The Secret Service was brought into the case because of the potential of bank fraud and other associated federal crimes. Wells Fargo, headquartered in San Francisco, has banks in 23 states, including 75 locations in Iowa.