The three children who were abducted by their non-custodial parents in northwest Iowa on Wednesday night were found late Thursday night in the state of Georgia. Spencer police officer Mark Warburton has been working on the case. He says they were found last night around 10:30 in White County Georgia.An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday night after authorities say Keith and Samantha Pardue took their three children from their grandparent’s home in Spencer. The couple had lost custody on Tuesday as the children were being denied critical care had been exposed to substance abuse. Warburton says authorities in Georgia were instrumental in locating the kids, as they were keeping tabs on several residences where the family might end up. He says the pickup was spotted outside one of the residences and the family was was.Initial reports said the children had been taken after a struggle and none of them were wearing coats, socks or shoes. Warburton says ten-year-old Ryan, 12-year-old Starla and 6-year-old Skyla were not harmed. He says the Georgia authorities checked out all the kids.Keith and Samantha Pardue were taken to the White County Georgia Sheriff’s Department. The couple faces violation of a custodial order charges and will be extradited back to Iowa. he children were placed in the care of the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services and will likely be reunited with their grandparents in Spencer. Authorities and family members figured the kids parents were headed back Georgia where they had been staying since this summer.