The chairman of President Bush’s reelection effort says the Bush campaign will save its financial firepower for the general election. Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot says while Democratic presidential candidates are burning up the airwaves in Iowa with ads that’re critical of the President, Bush won’t respond — yet.Racicot says the President has no Republican opponent and he wants to save his resources for the general election campaign when he’ll go head-to-head against a democrat.Racicot says even though Bush has a “very enthusiastic fundraising goal” of more than 200 million dollars, Bush will be out-spent by the democratic candidates and the new groups that’ve sprung up and pledged to spend whatever it takes to defeat the President.Racicot says “that means we have to carefully steward our resources.” Racicot says Bush has told his campaign staff to let the democratic party’s nomination process play out on its own, and then the general election contest will begin. Racicot was in Ames yesterday to speak at the Iowa Corn Growers Association meeting. Racicot is one of Bush’s closest advisors and often exercises with Bush who has an aching knee and will undergo an M-R-I scan of his knees today. Racicot says he’s been telling Bush to quit running on pavement and start using an exercise bike or elliptical machine. Racicot says he doesn’t go running with Bush because the President runs seven-minute miles, and Racicot says he’s not in that class and if he ran that fast “it’d be a miracle.”