Winter officially arrives this weekend. With Iowans taking off on holiday vacations soon, it’s a good time to review the risks involved with winter and water pipes. Jeff Klender is a spokesman for State Farm Insurance. A hole in a pipe as small as one-eighth of an inch can spew 250-gallons of water in one day. That’s enough to soak everything in several rooms and in all rooms below too. Klender explains the weather conditions that are most likely to bring the problem into the forefront — and into your kitchen or bathroom. When it gets below 20 degrees outside, the chances of frozen pipes rise inside. He suggests people need to do a little sniffing around under those sinks to make sure they don’t have a problem — then take a few precautions.He says to leave both hot and cold water faucets dripping overnight and to leave the cabinet doors open to allow air to circulate. Additionally, you should use an insulating wrap around pipes that are close to exterior walls. Klender says outside pipes can pose a potential problem too. He says to disconnect garden hoses and wrap the faucets outside. If you plan to go away for any extended period of time, don’t turn your heater off to try an save a few dollars. Leave it set on at least 58-degrees.